About Avoi

For me, furnishing is the same as feeling. It can be a feeling of well-being, of balance, of curiosity or of happiness. With the help of decor and with the right feeling you can transform your house into your home.

For me, interior design has always been associated with all these feelings and some more. But furnishing can also evoke feelings of abandonment, frustration and irritation as the project that would go fast and painlessly becomes anything but. I think we all got to experience that amazing feeling of enthusiasm and energy in starting up an interior design project, big and small. We browse through countless interior magazines and read about how good all projects have become and how well the budget has been enough. But what we forget is that it is often not so in real life - in your or my kitchen, in the children's room or for the summer pool building. At that very moment, right at the beginning, there is no feeling of frustration with the equation, it comes later when the freezer is not in stock just when you started renovating your kitchen, or when you find that the inflow nozzle would be put on the pool frame before the liner was put on place, or the artisan who cannot come on time (the list from real life can be made long). However, the great thing about interior decoration and renovation is the result and the feeling that comes into being when you stand there and see how good it was. When you are slightly unsteady patting your shoulder in pure pride and just then, at that moment, all those wonderful feelings reappear.

For me, the most important and fun part starts when the big project is completed or you have moved into the new home - the finish. By the finish I mean all those important details that make the whole. The nice towels in the bathroom, the white pot with a nice green plant up on the shelf or the candle lantern in the hall which welcomes guests in. It is these small, but not so important, details that create the whole.

For me, Avoi is a lifelong dream that is now being fulfilled. Creating a store in Marbella that has all the details that help make a house a home. So welcome to Avoi - a shop filled with beautiful decor for you.

Who am I then? My name is Liza Henckel and I am 46 years old. I live in the Le Mariena forest with my husband and our two lovely kids. In the middle of my life and completely without experience from running a store, I now leave the security as an employee behind me to realize my dream of working with interior design full time. The store is called Avoi which means “to you” in Italian and that is exactly what I strive for - finding and collecting nice things for you and your home.

None of this would have been possible without Johan, my best friend, my life mate, the father of my children and my absolutely wonderful husband. Thank you for always being there, thank you for being able to listen to all my ideas, thank you for supporting and pushing me to dare to challenge myself and make me believe in my ability. Without you, this would not have been possible! I love you!

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